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Hair Restoration

Natural Growth Factor Injection is a great treatment option for thinning or recent hair loss. Natural Growth Factor Injections, also known as “Liquid Gold,” stimulate cell growth within the body and help restore hair loss. 3-4 treatments are recommended spaced 1 month apart.

Natural Growth Factor Injection treatment is a form of regenerative medicine that gives a biological boost to the healing process in wound care, orthopedics, and aesthetics.

Natural Growth Factor Injection is produced from your blood and is a concentration of platelets that circulate through the blood. These platelets are critical for blood clotting and contain essential factors for the multiplication, recruitment, and specialization of cells needed for healing.

Natural Growth Factor Injection is an excellent solution for hair restoration and can be injected directly into your skin or used with microneedling devices.

Natural Growth Factor Injection is obtained by taking a blood sample from a patient, blood is placed into a centrifuge, and high spinning action separates the blood into its many components. Make sure you are well hydrated before a blood sample is taken.

*This treatment requires a blood draw, so please stay well hydrated at least 24 hours before your treatment.


Natural Growth Factor Injection is a great all-in-one solution to decrease the signs of aging. Using Natural Growth Factor Injection in cosmetic treatments will restore fullness to your face, trigger hair regrowth, and decrease the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Natural Growth Factor Injection is FDA-approved, safe, and highly tested, plus it is autologous or contains substances directly from your body, which means Natural Growth Factor Injections causes low allergic reactions.

Natural Growth Factor Injections takes three to four weeks to work, but the results are long-lasting.

Most patients need at least three or more treatments, depending on what you have treated. Discuss treatment with your professional; they will have the answers for you.

Your blood draw will be easier if you are hydrated, so drink plenty of water before your treatment. Come to your appointment with a clean face and no makeup if Natural Growth Factor Injection is used for facial treatments. Come with clean hair if you are doing hair restoration.

If you are pregnant or being treated for cancer, you are not a good candidate. Natural Growth Factor Injection isn’t recommended if you have a low platelet count or abnormal platelet functions. Those with poorly controlled diabetes should avoid Natural Growth Factor Injection treatments.

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