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Chemical Peel

Whether you are left with uneven skin texture or struggle with acne scars, a chemical peel can be helpful for most skin types. With results that illuminate and revitalize your skin, at Frost Aesthetics, we offer some of the best chemical peels in Mesa, Arizona! Our peels are designed to leave your skin smooth and youthful, tailoring your chemical peel to your skin type and needs. Chemical peels can improve multiple skin conditions while eliminating dead skin and allowing new, fresh skin to shine through. 

Peel Levels 

●    Level 1 peels are light or superficial chemical peels used to treat acne, uneven coloring, and dry areas of the skin. 
●    Level 2 (Medium) chemical peels are used to improve the skin’s tone, texture, uneven coloring and minimize acne scars.
●    Level 3 (Deep) chemical peels are used to treat deep lines, wrinkles, acne scars, skin tone, texture, uneven coloring, and minimize acne scars.

*Schedule an appointment with Frost Aesthetics to create a treatment plan suited to exactly what you need!


A chemical peel uses a solution specific to your skin type and needs to revive and illuminate your skin. We can use chemical peels for acne, acne scars, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, uneven texture or tone, wrinkles, deep lines, or skin dryness. 
A chemical peel removes the damaged top layer of the skin to reveal younger, more even-looking skin underneath using a solution specifically chosen for your skin type and skincare needs. 
The number of chemical peels depends on several factors. Schedule an appointment to determine the best treatment plan for you to treat your specific concerns and determine the right peel for you. 
You can experience redness and peeling for one to seven days, depending on the peel level and your skin’s reaction. It’s important to avoid direct sunlight after your peel and apply sunscreen for at least a week following treatment. However, we recommend you use daily sunscreen in your skincare regimen!

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