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ZO Skin Health

Through the power of science, Dr. Zein Obagi pushes the boundaries of skincare with medical-grade products and innovation. ZO provides a comprehensive product line to give you quality skincare for at-home care, extending your skin’s health beyond your treatments at Frost Aesthetics.
With the combination of appropriate treatments and skincare for any ethnicity, skin type, condition, or age, ZO Skin Health has you covered with corrective Skincare as well as preventative to protect against future skin damage. 

Skinbetter Science

Through accomplished science and clinical research and development, skinbetter science believes in the study of skin and skincare chemistry and innovation to create products that do more for the skin.
Skinbetter science provides an uncomplicated approach to skincare where you can see results with two to three products, cutting out the multi-step process while providing real results. 

iS Clinical

Understanding the skin, science, and chemistry of both, iS Clinical uses innovative technology to produce highly effective, clinically-validated skincare products to deliver visible improvements to the skin.

With superior quality, we continue to strive to innovate Skincare products that improve skin health and overall appearance.


Alastin offers an innovative and award-winning line of products that are made to enhance procedure results while minimizing downtime.
It is the fastest-growing physician-dispensed skincare company brand that offers pre and post-procedure products as well as daily skincare designed to restore and renew the skin to maintain your youthful appearance. 

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