So many of us have spent time in the sun without sunscreen, a hat, or an umbrella. No matter the amount of time we have had direct sun exposure, our skin keeps track, and those effects begin to pop up over time in the form of sunspots, freckles, brown or red spots, redness, rosacea, redness, spider veins, or pigment imperfections caused by sun damage. 
Luckily, an IPL photofacial can reduce the appearance of those symptoms by targeting their pigment with wavelengths of heat energy beneath the surface and dispersing the pigment. The spots are then pulled to the skin’s surface and flake off to reveal the beautiful, radiant skin below!  
Photofacial Treatment Areas
●       Face
●       Chest
●       Neck
●       Hands
●       Shoulders
●       Arms
●       Legs

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A photofacial reduces pigment imperfections that have been caused by direct or indirect sun exposure. These can include redness, rosacea, spider veins, sunspots, freckles, brown or red spots, or uneven pigment. 

Using IPL (intense-pulsed light), multiple pulsed wavelengths are emitted into the skin to target the pigmented cells below the surface. Once they are targeted and dispersed, the spots are then pulled to the skin’s surface and flake off to reveal the healthy and even skin below. 

We recommend 3-5 treatments scheduled once a month to see the best results from photofacial treatments.

The best results are seen three months after treatment. However, the skin begins to improve when treatment starts and continues to improve over time. Sun protection is the best way to prevent new sun damage from developing. 

Those with a darker skin tone, melasma, or a tan are not good candidates for a photofacial. A photofacial on darker skin tones can lead to discoloration, while treatment on melasma may make it darker. 

Photofacials can be uncomfortable but not painful. You may experience some redness, but not any downtime. It’s important to incorporate a sunscreen of at least SPF 30 into your daily skincare routine. 

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