Virtue RF Microneedling for Flawless Skin!

Virtue RF Microneedling for Flawless Skin!

When talking about aesthetic treatments, microneedling is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve your appearance. Microneedling is a non-surgical, minimally invasive technique that has been used for more than 20 years to improve the appearance of skin. While the treatment has proven effective, there is still room for improvement, which is why Virtue RF Microneedling exists.

Virtue RF Microneedling is the next progression in microneedling technology. Traditional microneedling improvements and innovations have long been warranted, thanks to increased consumer demand and competition from other aesthetic treatments. This new technique improves the process by combining the tried-and-true approach with modern science.

Virtue RF Microneedling is still a microneedling procedure at its core, but it’s much more effective. In what way, though? Let’s take a look at Virtue RF Microneedling to see how it works, what effects it has, and how long it lasts.

What Is Virtue RF Microneedling?

VirtueRF radiofrequency (RF) microneedling is FDA-approved for non-surgical skin rejuvenation by stimulating the body’s natural healing process and triggering the generation of new collagen within the tissue. When the VirtueRF system’s microneedle tip penetrates the skin’s superficial layer, radiofrequency energy is carried through the needles, heating the deeper tissue. 

The skin then responds by repairing the tissue by forming new elastin and collagen fibers, giving the skin a more youthful, rejuvenated appearance over time. The skin absorbs specialized serums quickly after treatment, which can help to improve skin quality even more.

How Will It Benefit You?

Microneedling with the VirtueRF can provide individualized treatment for a wide range of skin conditions in a non-invasive, minimally invasive way and requires little to no recovery time. Both the depth and the frequency of the energy can be altered to provide a treatment that is individualized for the specific requirements of each patient. Microneedling with the VirtueRF system is capable of producing the following beneficial effects on the skin when performed on suitable candidates:

  • Complete skin rejuvenation
  • Repairs sun-damaged skin
  • Producing skin that is tighter, firmer, and more elastic
  • Skin tone and texture have improved
  • Active acne treatment
  •  Acne scarring, stretch marks, and other scar types are reduced
  • Wrinkles, fine lines, and creases are reduced

The Virtue RF microneedling system was developed with the patient’s comfort in mind. Most people state that they did not experience any or very little uneasiness during their treatment period.

Virtue RF Microneedling Procedure

When you first arrive for your appointment, a local anesthetic cream will be applied to the area that will be treated to numb the skin. After a period of between 30 and 45 minutes, the skin should already be desensitized adequately, at which point the RF microneedling treatment with VirtueRF can start. 

Next, the appropriate needle depth and radiofrequency settings have been entered into the system. The microneedling treatment with RF microneedling can begin when the provider presses the tip of the handpiece against the patient’s skin. Patients will frequently report feeling some force as the microneedles treat the targeted skin area in a relatively short amount of time. 

Finally, after the microneedling process is finished, specialized skin serums are left to penetrate the skin for some time to deliver hydration, nutrients, and other active ingredients for the best possible outcomes.

Cool Peel Laser Bonus

Combining Virtue RF and Cool Peel Laser, a CO2 laser treatment that minimizes the appearance of pore size and fine lines while enhancing the skin’s texture, is something that we do here at our clinic. You can follow up the incredible pore tightening and skin-plumping effects of Virtue RF with the influence of CoolPeel to rectify sun damage and uneven skin tone if you add the Cool Peel Laser treatment to your treatment regimen.

Results You Can Expect After The Treatment

When the skin is recovering from Virtue RF treatment, it is strongly advised that the patient avoid exposure to sunlight. Microneedling with VirtueRF can impart a distinct “glow” to the skin in the short term. This effect can be amplified by applying skin serums while the microchannels created during treatment are still open. Your results may vary depending on the specific goals of your treatment and intensity; however, the full effects of new collagen generation should be visible after approximately three months.
During your consultation, you will receive an in-depth explanation of the particular outcomes you can anticipate, as well as an estimate of how much time it may take for them to emerge. It may be necessary for that patient to undergo multiple treatment sessions to achieve the best possible improvement in your aesthetics and address skin concerns. These consecutive sessions are typically spaced out at about six weeks from one another.
Microneedling with the Virtue RF device is frequently combined with other skin treatments, facial procedures, or injectable fillers as part of a personalized treatment plan aiming to produce the most outstanding amount of aesthetic improvement possible. However, expect the extras to raise the costs.

Risks And Side Effects

Although it is normal for patients who are good candidates for the procedure to experience some temporary skin flushing after Virtue RF microneedling, the treatment is safe and well-tolerated by patients with healthy skin. There is typically no need to be concerned about any serious adverse effects when the procedure is carried out correctly by an experienced aesthetician or practitioner who has received extensive training.

In approximately six hours, the skin should have returned to its usual tone if the post-treatment instructions were adequately followed and recovery products were used as directed. You can apply makeup after six hours to hide any residual effects; however, many patients discover that they do not necessitate makeup for disguising purposes and do not need to use makeup.


Virtue RF microneedling is the next step of traditional microneedling, enabling you to enhance your skin without too much hassle! If microneedling wasn’t compelling enough, the microneedling procedure is taken to a whole new level through this treatment. So if you are interested in the treatment, contact us and drop by our clinic, Emily Frost Aesthetics. We offer various services that help address skin and other wellness concerns. 

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