Hair Removal

Hair Removal

Battling unwanted hair growth is a constant hassle that no one could tackle until Laser Hair Removal became available. It is one of the most cost-effective and popular requests from men and women and is highly effective at breaking the waxing and shaving cycle. As a treatment for permanent hair reduction, we see both men and women who want to remove unwanted hair from numerous places. Breaking the cycle of shaving and waxing is a huge relief, and we are happy to help you break that cycle at Frost Aesthetics! 
We can remove unwanted hair from the:
●       upper lip
●       chin
●       underarms
●       bikini area
●       legs
●       chest
●       back

*Schedule an appointment to customize your laser hair removal treatment plan! We will deliver the best and most optimal results at Frost Aesthetics.


Laser hair removal is a welcome solution to remove unwanted hair on the chest, back, legs, underarms, upper lip, bikini area, and chin.
The laser or intense pulse light device targets the follicles of unwanted hairs and permanently destroys them. The laser hair removal laser uses a wavelength specific to your pigment, which is why it is important to laser match before your treatment. At Frost Aesthetics, we have nothing but highly trained and experienced professionals to perform your laser hair removal treatment. 
Hair follicles develop in stages and hair grows in cycles. You will need multiple treatments to attain the goal of permanently removing unwanted hair. On average, you will need 4-6 treatments, but this number varies. We can discuss the number of treatment sessions it may take to reach optimal results. 
On average, you will need 4-6 treatments, but this number varies. After the necessary number of treatments are completed, you will see optimal results. 
You will experience mild discomfort during the procedure but will not have any required downtime following treatment. 

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