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Frost Glow Facial

Our most luxurious facial, the Frost Glow Facial is a signature facial treatment offered for clients of all skin types at Frost Aesthetics. Including a double cleanse used to wash away impurities and remove makeup and dirt, the Frost Glow Facial uses a series of delicately curated steps to give you a relaxing experience while leaving your skin with incredible results. 
After we double cleanse the skin, we will exfoliate and dermaplane to remove dead skin and vellus and allow your skin to better absorb the products used in the facial. We will perform extractions, as needed, and a facial sculpting massage to work your facial muscles to give you a natural facelift. You will get a custom jelly mask and rose quartz applied while receiving a relaxing neck and shoulder massage. 
The Frost Glow Facial at Frost Aesthetics is a necessary escape that provides deep hydration and benefits the skin and the soul. 

*Schedule your Frost Glow Facial today to get away and relax while giving your skin the glow and love it deserves! 


A facial is a treatment that cleanses the skin and uses a process tailored to each patient to treat specific skin types and needs that you may have. At Frost Aesthetics, we offer a variety of facials to treat your concerns and leave you feeling confident about the skin you’re in!

The Frost Glow Facial is our most luxurious facial. This facial includes a double cleanse, exfoliation, dermaplaning, facial sculpting massage, extractions, custom jelly mask, and rose quartz with a relaxing neck and shoulder massage. It will provide deep hydration, reinvigorate your skin and soul, and is Emily’s favorite escape.

The Frost Glow Facial is for all skin types. It will provide deep hydration and reinvigorate the skin. It is also incredibly relaxing if you just need a brief getaway!

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