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C02 Laser

Are you looking for something to reverse the sign of aging? The Tetra C02 laser is a cutting-edge device that provides more control than any other C02 device and includes CoolPeel to provide skin resurfacing. The Tetra C02 laser is a non-surgical option that smooths fine lines and wrinkles plus restores a more youthful complexion and ad brighter appearance. In addition, this C02 laser can be tailored to optimize treatments for your goals.

You are a great candidate for laser resurfacing if you are looking to reduce mild to moderate signs of aging without invasive procedures. The C02 laser treats the following conditions:

  • Wrinkles
  • Fine lines
  • Sun damage
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Rug texture
  • Acne scarring
  • Injury scarring
  • Blemishes

*Please do not schedule any facial services within 2 weeks after receiving this treatment.

The C02 laser has four pulse modes and three fractional pulse modes, including Smart Pulse, Deka Pulse, High Pulse, and the standard mode. In addition, the laser has an innovative spray mode that minimizes pattern overlap and helps keep the C02 laser’s treatment fast and efficient.

The average time for treatment is about 60 minutes. The laser interacts with the outermost layer of skin and concentrates on removing surface debris and damaged skin cells. The procedure triggers your body to produce collagen and elastin naturally. More collagen and elastin result in new and healthy layers of skin that provide more moisture to keep your overall complexion brighter.

You may have two to four days of redness in the treatment area. Discuss this side effect with your provider, but be assured that the redness will disappear.

It is the only C02 laser that can perform CoolPeel. The cool peel uses the H-pulse or a high peak power short pulse that gives you ablative treatment without causing damage to surrounding tissues. Because there is minor damage to surrounding tissue, the C02 laser has little downtime. As a result, the system is the ultimate device for skin-resurfacing results.



Pre-care includes avoiding the use of aspirin, NSAIDs, Ginko Biloba, Green Tea, or vitamins A and E for up to one-week pre-injections. These products often increase the risk of bruising. Also, avoid drinking alcoholic beverages 24 hours before your treatment.

There is minimal downtime. You may see small bumps immediately following injections, but these will resolve in a few hours.

There could be some product migration to other muscles and minor discomfort during the injections. However, Botox and Dysport are safe, FDA approved, and the risks are rare.

Exercise your treated muscles for about 1-2 hours after treatment by frowning, raising your eyebrows, and squinting. These actions work the product into your muscles.

Stay in a vertical position for up to four hours following injections. Do not rest your head or lie down. You can use ice, take Tylenol, but avoid massaging the treated areas after treatment.

Expect your Botox/Dysport treatment to take full effect between several days after injections to about two weeks after treatment. The average is about 3-7 days.

The full effect means the time when you see maximum relaxation of the muscles groups treated, and two weeks is the maximum time for smoothing of the lines and wrinkles.

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