Do the Miracles of Hair Restoration Work? 

hair restoration

When aging, we do face struggles in our facial and skin appearances and our hair. Most people start losing hair in their late 40’s and struggle to hide their scalp where hair loss occurred. Some lost their hair because of treatments for diseases like cancer. For most, it causes insecurities; that is why they opt for coloring their hair or wearing wigs for temporary satisfaction. But throw those insecurities aside because there is a long-term solution. You might want to consider hair restoration as your one-step hair loss solution!

What is hair restoration?

Hair restoration is a hair treatment that aids people who are struggling with hair loss or balding. There are different procedures for hair restoration which can be categorized as surgical and non-surgical. Several blogs warn us to understand hair restoration first before taking the risk. However, since this blog is your safe space, we will tackle how safe and effective hair restoration is with one of the most tested procedures. 

What procedures are for hair restoration?

Remember that hair restoration is different from a hair transplant. However, both aid people suffering from balding; a hair transplant is taxing and risky. This part will discuss everything you need to know about Natural Growth Factor Injections as a hair restoration process. 

  • Platelet Rich Plasma:

Many research studies have claimed that extracting concentrated platelets in the body and injecting them to damaged areas can make the healing process quicker. To understand it further, we all know how platelets are familiar with our Science lessons, and as a component of our body, it is vital like the other ones. 

Platelets are components of the blood responsible for controlling excessive bleeding in the body when there is a wound or a cut. To produce Platelet Rich Plasma, your provider will take a blood sample from you and put this in a machine called a centrifuge. The centrifuge will then separate the components of the blood then your provider will extract the platelet for injection. Since Natural Growth Factor Injections contain growth factors and proteins that help in hair loss caused by damaged hair follicles, studies have shown how Natural Growth Factor Injections help hair regrowth by reversing the process that happens in androgenetic alopecia. 

  • Procedure:

The procedure typically takes an hour to finish as the patient can continue doing their daily activities afterward. The process will start when your provider draws blood samples from you. With this being said, it is essential to stay hydrated at least 24 hours before your treatment. The amount will depend on where the Natural Growth Factor Injections will be injected. After this, your provider will put the blood sample in the centrifuge to separate the blood components (red blood cell, white blood cell, and platelets). This process will take 15 minutes, and after that, the separated plasma will be prepared for injection in the areas affected. Your doctor will inject the extracted plasma from your blood. They sometimes use imaging like ultrasound to ensure that the injections are accurate. 

  • Side effects:

Since the use of Natural Growth Factor Injections is from your own blood; there are relatively few risks that you have to face. When you are explicitly undergoing the hair loss treatment, you can experience mild pain on the areas injected, swelling, scalp tenderness, itching, headache, and temporary bleeding on the injection sites. Despite this, you can discuss how you can reduce these risks with your provider. 

  • Cost:

The cost of Natural Growth Factor Injections procedures vary per clinic and location. But generally, the price ranges from $900 to $2,500. However, that was 11 years ago. A year after that, the price decreased from $500 to $1,500. You do not have to overthink and stress these prices because most insurance companies cover Natural Growth Factor Injections treatments. 

  • Recovery:

Technically, you can go back to your daily activities after the Natural Growth Factor Injections treatment session. The rally will be more focused on the injury (if ever there will be) after the injections. You might not see the results right after the injections, but after several weeks and months, the area may heal faster and will start growing hair little by little. 

What are the benefits of hair restoration?

Natural Growth Factor Injections for hair loss treatment can promote and improve the shrinking of hair follicles, leading to slowing down of balding or hair loss. Aside from this, Natural Growth Factor Injections treatment is also noninvasive; the results look natural, convenient because it is less painful, and most importantly, it treats skin and hair loss inside and out. 

Most patients testify how their hair miraculously grows back. However, it is safe to understand that Natural Growth Factor Injections treatments only help slow your hair loss, making your hair follicles healthier than ever. 

Does hair restoration work?

After all the risks and money it will cost you, the big question now is, is it worth it? There are studies conducted in 2019 that examined participants who have undergone Natural Growth Factor Injections treatments for hair loss. The first research involves 11 studies with 262 participants showing positive effects of Natural Growth Factor Injectionsin hair loss, improvement in the diameter of the hair, and mass of hair growth. 

The second research involves 19 studies with 460 participants, leading to the same positive results. Later studies also described Natural Growth Factor Injections treatments as “promising” for hair loss problems. Convincing, right? However, the procedure is also controversial as it only involves a small group of people in the studies conducted. Various clinics also utilize different preparations, protocols, methods in administering Natural Growth Factor Injections injections and session intervals; results may also vary. 

That is why it is vital to let professional individuals take care of your hair loss issues. In Emily Frost Aesthetics, every part of you is crucial. By taking a comprehensive approach to your overall skin health and rejuvenation, they are committed to making you feel good about yourself and making you feel safe because this is their top priority. 

There is no problem in grabbing that extra sheet of your confident self because it is not too late to grow your hair back. A clinic by the corner would love to hear from you! Start your hair regrowth journey now and throw all your hair loss insecurities! 

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