Can Kybella Melt Fat?

Can Kybella Melt Fat

Can Kybella Melt Fat

Most of us want to achieve a pleasing aesthetic body silhouette, but the thing is, there will always be stubborn fat lumps that remain. You can remove most of them through proper diet and exercise, but sometimes, they are not enough. One of the proposed solutions for this dilemma is using the Kybella treatment. 

Removing fat lumps is typically a very invasive process. A surgeon uses a surgical procedure called liposuction. It involves injecting a solution to liquefy the fat and then sucking it out, and some of the blood will also get sucked out. The procedure is painful and will require time for recovery. 

However, these days, there is another proposed solution, which is Kybella. Kybellas is advertised to melt fat, but can it really, despite being a non-invasive procedure? 

What Kybella Says It Can Do

Kybella is a new method that can destroy fat cell deposits without resorting to painful surgical procedures. Medspas promote Kybella as the solution against bra bulges, double chin, and other areas with excess fat lumps. It’s said to be able to remove fat bulges, which diet and exercise can’t do. 

If all of that is true, it seems so easy and accessible to achieve a slimmer profile without needing to open your skin up. Now the question is, is it really as effective as they say it is? How could Kybellas possibly change you? 

To identify its actual effectiveness, we have to explore what it is really and how it works. 

What Is Kybella?

Kybella is an FDA-approved injectable used mainly to improve the appearance of moderate to severe fat beneath the chin, also known as a double chin. However, it is also applicable in other areas; point out where you want improvements, and your provider can work with it. Anywhere you have unwanted localized pockets of fat, Kybella is applicable. 

It works by gradually breaking down and eliminating fat cells in these areas. This can result in a more defined body shape, making you look younger.

However, there the treatment is not for everyone. To qualify for Kybella, you must be between 18 and 65 years old with a BMI of 30 or greater. You should also not have any other medical conditions which may interfere with the drug’s use.


It’s an injectable treatment that takes place in the doctor’s office. It is used to get rid of excess facial fat, and it does not require any incisions or surgery. The medicine injected into the fat cells destroys them and is naturally eliminated from the body.

The FDA approved Kybella in 2015, but scientists first developed it back in 1996. The medicine has been used for other purposes, such as treating acne, which is why it took so long to get FDA approval for its use on facial fat.

It is an excellent alternative to liposuction because it eliminates the need for anesthesia and surgery. It also eliminates the need for downtime that patients experience after surgery, and they can resume their normal activities immediately.

How Does It Work?

If Kybella really does remove fat, how does it do it? How can simple injections remove the fat? Here is how Kybella treatment works.

It’s In The Formula

The active ingredient in Kybella is deoxycholic acid, which is a naturally occurring molecule in the body.

Deoxycholic acid is a bile acid synthesized and secreted by the liver. It is the primary bile acid in the human body, accounting for more than 90% of total bile acids.

The acid has many functions in the body, including acting as a detergent to emulsify fats for digestion, aiding in cholesterol absorption and fat excretion, and protecting against intestinal infections.

Knowing the properties of deoxycholic acid, researchers took advantage of that attribute and produced a synthetic version. They’ve found a way to use deoxycholic acid safely through intense trials and testing. Now, medspas and clinics can be equipped with a solution targeting specific areas underneath the skin to destroy the fat cells. 

However, deoxycholic acid isn’t all-powerful against fat. That’s why overeating still leads to fat gains. That’s also why we don’t recommend Kybella for those with a BMI higher than 30 since it won’t be as effective.

Natural Formula

The other benefit of using deoxycholic acid is that it occurs naturally within our bodies. So when the Kybella formula enters your body, your body won’t react too differently against it. The body’s immune system won’t be alerted too much, so it won’t end up attacking the formula, which can potentially hinder its effects.

There are also lower risks of complications and allergies since the body is used to the acid existing. 

The destruction of fat cells beneath the skin is very similar to how your stomach breaks down the fat molecules in your stomach. But like how your stomach takes time breaking down fat molecules, you can’t expect instant results from the Kybella treatment either. 

Is Kybella Effective?

Definitely, Kybellla works as was advertised. The FDA approved Kybella in 2015, and since then, it has been used to treat thousands of people worldwide. Check out some before and after photos and reviews from previous Kybella patients. 

Kybella injections are not for everyone and should not be used for weight loss purposes. They are ineffective for weight loss since new fat cells will replace the destroyed fat cells. The solution for weight loss is still proper diet and exercise. 

What Does The Stats Say?

While the formula and its idea sound promising, what do the statistics really say? 

Twenty research studies worldwide have concluded that 68.2% of people who underwent Kybella treatment saw a significant fat reduction. On top of that, 79% of people who received Kybella have commented that they were satisfied with the results. These results heavily suggest that Kybella works as intended. 


Forget about undergoing surgical procedures to remove excess fat pockets. Now, you can do all of that through simple injections, thanks to Kybella. If you are interested, contact us and reach out to our clinic, Frost Aesthetics. We offer services and products that aim to please our clients by achieving the best results possible. 

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