Hydrafacial: A Complete Guide to your One-Stop Beauty Glow


Popular facial procedures can sometimes be overwhelming, especially if it is too advertised. Some are overrated and overhyped, but in reality, they give unpleasant results. Those hidden gems are not quite mentioned often but are unbelievably efficient and give off impressive results. Are there any popular facial procedures in the market, but at the same time, give the unbelievably efficient results we want? Well, it is time to stop wondering because Hydrafacial is the answer!

Curious enough about the wonders it can bring? You better keep scrolling! 

What is Hydrafacial? 

HydraFacial uses patented technology to cleanse, extract, and hydrate. HydraFacial super serums are made with nourishing ingredients that create an instantly gratifying glow. We begin with a deep cleanse, light chemical peel, and extractions, then finish the treatment with a customized booster serum and antioxidant-infused moisturizer. You can ask for additional serums and masks to be added to the procedure. 

Hydrafacial is also known for its three-simple-step process, which involves exfoliation, deep-clean, and skin hydration. We can say that the procedure is non-invasive, which is what most facial procedures promise. However, these give dramatic results. But Hydrafacial does the work noninvasively while giving you subtle side effects. 

How is Hydrafacial done? 

Hydrafacial does not stop from the three-simple-step process. Let us dive into it one by one as we elaborate on each step. Remember, it is vital to recognize and understand all of these so you will be knowledgeable upon consulting your consultant. 

  • Before treatment

Before the treatment, your face will be cleaned, and it will be made sure that your hair is away from your face. Since the procedure is painless, there is no need to apply anesthesia. However, make sure to stay put so your dermatologist will not have a hard time treating and observing your face. 

  • During treatment

A vortex-like wand will be used on your skin to help clean all the dirt and excess oil, penetrating deep down to your pores. The device will also be used in peeling and exfoliating the skin to resurface it. Your dermatologist will also use and attach a vacuum-like wand to help extract debris from your pores. Lastly, a pen-like attachment will be used to apply moisturizing serums with antioxidants. 

Usually, Hydrafacial is followed by other skincare treatments like derma fillers and light therapy. As mentioned earlier, you and/or your dermatologist can add on serums of your choice. 

  • Aftercare

After a non-invasive treatment, a no-downtime-result is a great bonus! The procedure takes less than an hour, and you can definitely go back to your regular activity after. Many sources profess that you will not experience redness or peeling afterward. While this is true, using exfoliating treatments is still not advisable for the first couple of days after the Hydrafacial. 

What are other things to remember in undergoing Hydrafacial? 

While Hydrafacial sounds good to be accurate, and we are honest in saying that it is painless and non-invasive, you may feel light pressure from the wand during the procedure. You also have to remember that you should not push through in trying Hydrafacial if you have an active rash. 

It is best to tell your dermatologist beforehand if you are pregnant because not all skin procedures are safe during pregnancy. While a study supports the safety of most skin procedures during pregnancy, it is not backed up much with sufficient evidence. 

Hydrafacial also does not cause a breakout. In fact, it helps clear skin impurities and other skin issues. However, it is best to tell your dermatologist if you have susceptible skin or if you are allergic to the serum’s ingredients that may cause you to break out. If any breakouts happen afterward, you may notify your dermatologist immediately. 

Now, if you have a question about the frequency of repeating the treatment, it would be excellent to raise this concern with your dermatologist. It depends on your skin type as to how many times you should repeat Hydrafacial. However, some beauty blogs suggest that you repeat it every four weeks (maximum) or every two weeks (minimum). 

What are the benefits of Hydrafacial? 

It is generic to know that Hydrafacial addresses several skin issues, such as improving your skin tone, texture, and appearance. However, what does it specifically work on? Here are four benefits of Hydrafacial: 

  1. It gives consistent results: While other procedures wear off after some time of not being maintained, Hydrafacial is best, especially if you want to achieve consistency in your appearance because of its deep exfoliation and hydration. 
  2. . It manifests immediate results: It may sound too good to be true, but several patients testify how they saw a healthier and more glowing appearance after the treatment. In fact, it can be good when you are going to attend a wedding or any significant event. 
  3. It is excellent in treating acne: Since Hydrafacial’s primary goal is to exfoliate and unclog pores, it targets acne prevention. Unclogged pores are the ones that cannot be reached by creams alone.  
  4. It works on all skin types: No matter what skin type you have, there is room for Hydrafacial. However, it is best to still inform your dermatologist about your other skin complications. 

Hydrafacial is indeed one of the best skin procedures in the market. Whether you are a beginner or a pro in skincare, you still cannot afford not to try this as it is safe and convenient. In planning to undergo the treatment, it is best to consider several beauty clinics and choose the one that offers the safest and excellent quality of service. In Emily Frost Aesthetics, safety is their top priority believing that natural beauty is the best result. Not only do they enhance your beauty, but they also enhance your lifestyle.

Are you looking for a great skincare regimen as your one-stop glow? Set all those hesitations aside and grab your device immediately to book your next Hydrafacial session. Love your skin more with the most outstanding beauty clinic in town!

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