Does Kybella Work for Men?

Does Kybella Work for Men

Fats do not choose specific sex or gender preference. All people experience excess fats, but not all know how to reduce them. Specifically, you can have a double chin, whether a girl or a boy. Society may think that men don’t care for such imperfection, but they still feel insecure because they are humans. 

Luckily, a new treatment became popular a few years ago. It’s an injectable that swears to remove fat cells permanently. Yes, forever! Isn’t it amazing? Isn’t it surprising? But doesn’t Kybella choose a specific gender, like fats? Does it work for men? Stay with me and find out!

What is Kybella?

Kybella is a newly FDA-approved cosmetic procedure, a non-invasive treatment that is effective in reducing submental fat. Submental fat is a common cosmetic concern for several people and is sometimes called a “double chin.” Those are the fat cells that exceed under the chin or around the neck.

Kybella has a chemical solution injected into the fat cells under the chin, causing them to dissolve and be eliminated through urine or stool. These treatments are given in several injections over several weeks or months. Furthermore, recent studies show that Kybella can also treat fats in other body parts, such as the armpits, knees, bellies, and lower buttocks.

What to Do When Getting Kybella Treatment?

Kybella treatments are relatively fast and outpatient, taking less than 30 minutes per session. This does not require anesthesia, but you may want to use ice to numb the area you want to be treated. To know what you should do when getting Kybella, we have procedures before, during, and after the treatment.

Before the Kybella Treatment 

Before treatment, there are considerations to take and should be taken seriously. It may cause you to harm if you do not prepare well and lie about your expectations and underlying conditions.

  • Healthcare Provider

Choose a healthcare specialist who is board certified and has experience with Kybella. I am sure you don’t want to get any harmful effects, so research qualified doctors. Make sure that you are in good hands.

  • Goals

What are your goals? What do you expect in getting Kybella treatment? Be honest in answering these questions to communicate your goals clearly. This will help the doctors understand why you want the treatment and how they can help you.

  • Budget

When making a decision, remember to consider your budget. Kybella is a little bit expensive so ask your provider about payment options. You can also interview other patients about what they do in terms of budgeting. 

  • Possible Side Effects

As with any injectables, there is always a risk of side effects. Be sure to tell your healthcare provider about your health conditions and how they can be affected. Also, know how long these side effects will last and how to treat them.

  • Inquire

Remember to inquire, inquire, and inquire. Ask all the questions in your mind so that you can get the results you’ve ever wanted. 

During the Treatment 

Typically, it takes 3-5 sessions, spaced 4-6 weeks apart, to treat your fats with Kybella. During the treatment, small injections are administered into the treatment area. Most patients report that the procedures are painless and easy. You can go back to your errands immediately after the treatment. It is also best that you follow your doctor’s instructions and don’t do anything that can hinder your treatment.

After the Treatment

When the treatment is done, you can apply ice immediately to reduce side effects like swelling and bruising. It would be best if you also prevented strenuous daily activities, including running, playing sports, and working out.

Do not sleep in uncomfortable positions; you must keep your head elevated. Although, you will only do this during the first night. Wear loose clothing so the silk won’t irritate your skin. Apply skin when you’re going outside.

What are the results of Kybella?

Results of Kybella can be seen within 4-6 weeks after every treatment and continuously improve up to 12 weeks. The desired results can be permanent, and you should undergo additional sessions for them to last longer.

For some, Kybella can also result in swelling, bruising, and numbness. Swelling usually lasts for 2-3 days, bruising lasts up to a week, and numbness can be felt for hours. These can happen regardless of gender.

Is Kybella worth it?

Kybella may cost too much money, so is it worth it? 

If you’re unhappy with your double chin and are eager to remove this fat, then Kybella gives you what you deserve. When diet and exercise haven’t worked, Kybella may be the best choice, and you can do it alongside your routines. The results are permanent, so you won’t have to return for treatments if you get the results you wished for. 

Kybella may not be worth it if you’re unbothered by little extra fat. Save money and stick to healthier lifestyle decisions like eating the right food and exercising daily.

Who is it for?

Kybella treatment is for those with excess fats that they want to remove. It would help if you had that goal so Kybella is worth it. Fortunately, anyone can be treated by Kybella as long as they have the money and goals. However, you might still ask your doctor if it is applicable in case you are experiencing health conditions. 

Does Kybella work for men?

The best answer is yes. Kybella is for everyone, regardless of sex. Men experience the same natural changes due to aging, lifestyle, stress-eating, and other factors. If you are a man who wants to get rid of those fat cells, Kybella is a good option.


Kybella is proven and tested. That’s why it is safe for most people, including men. Note that you should also consider everything necessary in order to achieve the best results. I know men are fond of doing workouts and playing sports regularly, but you might skip these the first day after you get treated. 

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